The reception

The reception. Again, what to say? We were led to the venue by our Mariachi band, a three block walk along cobblestone streets – being congratulated by the neighbours, passers-by, and a busload of locals. Super fun.

Tio Domingo‘s is our favourite restaurant in Ajijic. Mum suggested it might be an option for a reception venue in the first week of our visit. We went a number of times, met other regulars who could not recommend the place highly enough.

And there is a pool table. What more could a couple want?

We got to know Salvador and Moses, who, together with their families, worked with us to plan the event.

And they went over and above with everything, right down to closing the place for the day just for our event.

We danced, we laughed, we sang and we played pool. It was, again, perfect.

Many many thanks for additional photography by Caroline, Katelyn & Andrew.