Un partido de fútbol!

My cousin Al took Phillip, Dad and I on a road trip to Guadalajara to see the state team, Chivas, play a game of soccer. They were playing

The stadium was amazing, full of fans, families and a really happy crowd, and the match was fantastic (although we – Chivas – lost by one).

The cousins… so weird. I last saw Claudine (second cousin) when I was eight. But we both remember because it was a family Christmas event that no one wanted to attend because it was at my Aunt Joy’s place…

And we hid away in the attic (from memory) playing games and entertaining ourselves.

And now (many) years later it turns out they have a property here in Ajijic which they will be renting to my folks for the better part of a year and love hanging out with us (I think) and are just lovely.

Claudine said the other day – “so weird we’ve not met since you were eight – I feel like I’ve known you all my life”. Family, eh?